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Succeeding as a couple

Catching the unprecedented challenges of couples

For homosexual or queer couples even more, but I think even straight couples are creating couple forms that are unprecendented in the history.
Equality, both working, familly, challenged coming from the outside world.

Examples from the past can not really be used; Reflecting upon them, is surely good, but reliving them is no option. So many challenges do happen during a year that maintaining a couple is harder than before, since even the newly created equilibrium gets soon after out of balance: Wanting a child, getting a child, job problems or just getting further on the carreer ladder, time, taking care of the flat while pursuing life and family goals, maintaining the friendships off- and online, availability.
Reacting to the outside is an option that only drain you and your partner on the long haul.

So: How to make it?

I am convinced the best tool we have resides inside us: Sensing, deciding on principles, reflecting and - for a second time, because I think of it as the most neglected one: sensing.

Who are you? Who are you as a couple? Where do you go?
The wed time does not end at the wedding ceremony and does not start there either.

That is why I stress - if you wish it! - over the months the journey leading to the wedding ceremony and the cultivation of you both as a couple and individuals, hoping you will get new inputs that will be valuable for you and help you put your inner world into words, cultivating listening to help you respond to new situations with new persectives.

I am glad if you got curious for more and look forward to hearing from you!

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