The Ceremony as a place for sharing and sensing gratitude and life

If you marry or if a close family member dies or if a child is coming into the world, you know how deep life is rooted into you: you feel deeply. Life shows itself through you: life makes you evolve, life transforms continuously, life makes us morphe into new forms permanently.

Even during hard times I think of it as the most beautiful present we could have gotten: feeling liveliness and being conscious of it.

During a ceremony, presence is shared with loved ones.
A ceremony is a way to sense how life is morphing into something new that will shape your future you. It is also a time for feeling gratitude just for the sake of sharing with others and being conscious of life. Sensing the people around oneself as having been thrown onto the same life boat with you. The ones to whom you belong.
Pause, sense, reflect, love, be grateful and share with your loved ones for the duration of a ceremony!

I am glad if you got curious for more and look forward to hearing from you!

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