How come I do that job?

As I wrote in a former post:
"Even during hard times I think of it as the most beautiful present we could have gotten: feeling liveliness and being conscious of it."

This gives us a responsibilty, or at least, that is how I take it.

My writing capacity, myself being able to write and express deep thoughts and feelings in three languages, my project manager experience, my IT-experience, my organisational experience, my drawings, my love for quality time: I decided to bring it to people and make something out of it I think we deeply need.

Need? Funerals, clearly, every body feels a need for that one. For mourning time, it is getting harder. For a non religious wedding ceremony, a need? I think of it as a need as well. Some people may think of it as a party or an extra "tell me my story, I like hearing it"-time. I do not agree. For a party, you do not hire someone like me, you do not take time to reflect, and you do not feel such a pressure, body shaking and relief of stating your love.
I only knew couples you felt such a need to pause, reflect, thank, love. And even the ones who were not verse into stating feelings and needs, felt that way during the ceremony.
So basically, it is a need, it is no wish.

For a long period of time in our history, wedding was a "rule": Institutions did not let you decide freely and - if we cannot decide freely, we may also lose the capacity to sense what deeper parts of us are seeking. Those times changed, at least where I live, so the seeking part started expressing itself again.

My purpose here is to fulfill those needs of yours. For that one, I make those intangible but existing and essential aspects of life more tangile, giving them a room to be expressed in.

I worked hard on that one too.
Trainings - NVC, psychology, literature and writing courses, how to support groups of people, self-reflection - , seminars, just check with me. The extra one for the most difficult: Death of a loved one is one the hardest event that you will face. That is why - to accompagny you - I rely also on being trained for that (morning support - Trauerbegleiterin - 2020 - official degree).

So basically I use my entrepreneurship and creative capacity to serve passionately for what I am sure is helping people: sensing life and sharing with others.

I am glad if you got curious for more and look forward to hearing from you!

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